WHAT TO DO in a motor accident in Thailand

What to do in the event of a motor accident in Thailand – Part 1.
Have you ever been in the following situations after a car accident?

You do not know what to do, who you should call, or what documents need to be used.
Once you’ve checked your car documents, discovered the Insurer’s telephone contact and called them, it seems to take forever until your insurer has arranged for their motorcycle claims attendant to arrive and “rescue”you at the scene.
You really want to move your car away so as to not block the traffic, but somehow you feel that this would not be the right thing to do.
And so, there you are, […]

Employee Benefits – A Professional Approach

An effective employee benefits programme can be key in attracting and keeping good employees. It is in the interests of both employer and employee to have a good medical scheme in place: it provides the employees with the appropriate treatment that they may need, so that they have the best chance of recovering from illness or accident and be fully operational in the shortest time.

However, it can be a costly undertaking for an employer if the plan is designed and implemented without proper planning. We will come back to this element later.

What is covered under the usual health plans

Almost all group medical insurance plans sold in Thailand focus on the […]

A Guide to Securing Affordable International Health Insurance

Protecting the Things that Matter Most

When accidents happen or sudden illness strikes and you are overseas you can be sure that the resulting medical bills will be large, so securing good Health insurance should be a real priority for any expatriate.

Luckily there is a very wide choice of health insurance plans available in Thailand, with premiums varying from a few thousand Baht to tens, and even hundreds, of thousands of Baht per year. Not surprisingly the amount of coverage varies enormously too. The task of selecting the right policy can be a confusing and frustrating one so in this article we are going to try to put forward a few […]

Directors and Officers Liability

In the past, company directors have often felt that they could rely on the company they manage being considered to have a separate legal existence and a limited liability. However, the liability attaching to directors and officers has increased over recent years. And recent legislation and court decisions show an increasing exposure to personal actions against directors. In the United Kingdom the Companies Act 1989 recognised the benefit of directors and officers of a company being protected against claims for “negligence, default, breach of duty and breach of trust” and identified the need of Directors and Officers Liability insurance. Directors, executive and non executive should appreciate the exposures they face […]