About Us

Trafalgar International formally commenced business in 1989, providing risk solutions to major corporate clients. Our mission then, as now, is to provide a cost effective, risk management and insurance service in those areas where we know we can excel.

Since our formation we have grown to become one of Thailand’s largest and most respected risk advisors offering a full risk management service from a committed and dedicated group of professionals.

In 1999, the ownership of our company changed when the local management acquired a controlling interest. Little else changed. Our company continued with the same management and staff, and the same over-riding commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Trafalgar International is an independent company. While we have a professional association with a number of major international risk advisors, we prefer to retain the ability, where necessary, to select the best international partner to serve the specific interests of our various clients.

Trafalgar International is also an Assurex Global shareholder, an exclusive Partnership of the world’s premier independent insurance agents and brokers, the World’s 4th largest insurance broking group.

What we do

The financial services sector has seen much consolidation in recent years and insurance broking is no exception to this trend. Many household names in the industry have disappeared and the choice of a discerning client has become more and more limited. Trafalgar International offers a genuine alternative to clients seeking both a high level of professionalism and personalised service.
While we appreciate that Trafalgar International do not have the resources of the global giants we compete with them successfully by choosing to operate only in those areas where we know we can excel.

Within those areas where we wish to transact business, we adopt a team approach to client servicing in order that appropriate resources are always available. However, an account director is responsible for the risk solutions we recommend and is personally involved in placement, claims and ongoing service. We do not allow our team approach to dilute the personal contact that is so important with our clients.

Our objective is to provide cost effective risk solutions.

While this will often involve insurance, we adopt a pragmatic risk management approach. This ensures that all risks are identified, minimised and when necessary transferred. We deal with total risk, not simply the physical risks of fire or flood, but such areas as:

  • Contractual liabilities
  • Credit risks
  • Continuity of supplies
  • Disaster recovery
  • Professional and directors liabilities
  • Balance sheet enhancement

To make appropriate recommendations we need to obtain an intimate knowledge of our clients business. While we respect your time constraints, we insist on sufficient information to ensure that our advice will protect your assets, your liabilities and your ongoing future profitability. We want you as a client for a long time!

Our Valuable Team Members

Our team is at the core of Trafalgar International, and our best assets in delivering a premium insurance broking service to our clients. Insurance policies can be complicated, and these are the key people who will help you understand what you’re getting into, and get the details right.
Pornpot Likidpongpaisarn
Pornpot LikidpongpaisarnManaging Director
Pornpot is a Senior Associate of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) who graduated with honours in General Management from Assumption University in 1990.

Starting his career with underwriter New Zealand Insurance (NZI) Pornpot moved to join Grant in broking in 1992 and subsequently joining Trafalgar International in 1994.

In the 24 years Pornpot has been in insurance he has developed a comprehensive knowledge in and of the global insurance industry and is widely experienced in all facets of client servicing and negotiating with Underwriters.

As Managing Director he is responsible for the overall general broking operations of the Company, and is a widely respected member of the insurance community in Thailand and regionally.

Grant Cameron
Grant CameronChief Executive Officer
Grant is one of the founding partners of the company following the successful management buyout of the company in late 1998 and has since lead Trafalgar International to become one of Thailand’s leading Insurance Brokers and Consultants.

Grant’s insurance career spans over 43 years and he has gained considerable international experience having worked in the UK, Saudi Arabia, France, Cyprus and Dubai markets before coming to Thailand in 1991 for a then major UK broking company.

Grant’s background is in the property and engineering field and he brings to Trafalgar International considerable underwriting and broking experience in the placement of insurance programmes in the property, business interruption and construction and construction related fields, acting for both Principals and Contractors and often as advisor to project Lenders.

Suwanna Hanrojnirun
Suwanna HanrojnirunAccount Director
Suwanna graduated in Journalism and Mass Communication from Thammasart University in 1981.

Spending 11 years in the commercial sector, Suwanna then moved into the insurance broking industry, originally joining Grant in 1992 before moving to join Trafalgar International in 1994.

Suwanna is one of our senior managers and maintains the high professional standards required in developing her Broking Unit which also incorporates the negotiation and settlement of claims.

Supaporn Tiamiaseang
Supaporn TiamiaseangAccount Director
Supaporn (Su) graduated from Ramkamhaeng University in 1990 with her Business Administration degree in Money and Banking.

As an Associate of the Thailand Insurance Institute Su began her insurance broking career in 1992 and joined Trafalgar International two years later. Su’s position as Account Director means she has the responsibility of coordinating her team in the development of insurance programs with her Clients as well as negotiating with Underwriters.

Her role also includes the management of her Unit’s claims in order to ensure prompt settlements are achieved wherever possible in the best interests of our clients.

Andrew Crawford
Andrew CrawfordEmployee Benefits Director
Andrew graduated from Paisley College of Technology in 1985 with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering.

After a successful career in the motor industry with Land Rover, Citroen and BMW in UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, Andrew joined the insurance industry in 2006.

Andrew’s expertise is in the development of employee benefits and health insurance programmes, both group and individual, that maximises the value and benefits of such programmes for the members. the employers and the carriers. With Trafalgar, Andrew is involved in local and international programmes including those involving multi-country jurisdictions.

Orranee Prabripatulalung
Orranee PrabripatulalungAccount Manager
Orranee (Nay) graduated in Business Administration (General Management) from Rajamangala University in 2002. Commencing her insurance career in 2003 she was quick to join Trafalgar International in 2005 where she has rapidly learnt the various roles and responsibilities of an insurance broker and progressed to her current position.

As an Account Manager she is responsible for managing all aspects of Trafalgar’s clients insurance programmes involving handling enquiries, quoting, designing programmes and placing cover, as well as the the claims process.