Enquire on Personal Lines Insurance – Motor Insurance

keyboard inviting motor insuranceThank you for approaching us for a motor insurance quotation. There are several classes of motor insurance available in the market and which can be briefly summarised as this:

  • First class: Essentially comprehensive, fire and theft, including third party liability insurance.
  • Second class: Being insurance for third party liability, fire and theft.
  • Third class: Third party liability only (no cover for your own vehicle).

For Classes 2 and 3, coverage can be enhanced to include damage to your own vehicle arising from collision with another land vehicle, a car, truck or motorcycle, but not an object nor a bicycle; this becomes class 2+ or class 3+.

Discounts are available if the vehicle drivers are named (limited to two drivers, and dates of birth are required) and if a deductible (self-insured excess) is carried.

Please provide information as requested below and we shall get back to you within two working days with a motor insurance quotation.

    Your First Name

    Last Name

    Telephone Number

    Email Address

    Make and model of vehicle

    Type of vehicle

    Engine size (cc)

    Year of Vehicle

    Vehicle License Number

    Sum Insured required


    Type of Coverage required

    For Classes 2 and 3, do you want to cover damage to your own vehicle arising from collision with another land vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle but not an object nor bicycle)?

    If Yes - Sum Insured?

    (Effectively becoming Class 2+ or Class 3+)


    Discounts may be obtained with the following options:


    Type of Repair Garage required?


    Named Drivers discount? (Maximum two persons)


    What is the maximum deductible amount you would be prepared to accept?