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Trafalgar International Co., Ltd. (“The Company”) has created and published this privacy policy (“Policy”) in order to clarify the details regarding the collection, use or disclosure of the personal information of current customers and potential customers of the company, including the methods for protecting personal data and the guidelines for managing such data appropriately according to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562

The company may review and amend this policy as deemed necessary from time to time in order to ensure that your personal information is appropriately protected. If there is significant change to this policy, the company will notify you by disseminating it through appropriate channels.


Personal data
Information pertaining to a natural person which enables the identification of such natural person whether directly or indirectly, but does not include the information of deceased persons.

Sensitive personal data
Any personal data related to racial, ethnic origin, political opinions, cult, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual behavior, criminal records, health data, disability, trade union information, genetic data, biometric and other data which could impact to the owner of personal data according to the PDPA committee’s announcement.
Text files with small pieces of data downloaded on to your computer when you visit a website, to keep log of your internet usage or website you visited.

Types of personal data kept, collected, used or disclosed by the Company

The company collects various types of personal information, including the following:
  • Identity Data, such as first and last name, ID card number/Passport number, driver’s license number, date of birth, gender, age, nationality, marital status with your explicit consent or as required by law.
  • Contact Data, such as address, telephone number, email
  • Contact Information via Social Media (Social Media Contact Data) such as Line ID and Facebook Account.
  • Information regarding cars, such as license plate numbers, engine numbers and body numbers.
  • Contact Information with the company (Communication Data) such as audio or video record.
  • Location-related information, such as IP Address Information
  • Details of employment, income, personal and business financial information including credit card information or bank account
  • Sensitive personal data such as medical treatments and health details
  • Details of other personal data required for insurance underwriting or management of claims processing
  • Details of insurance policies
  • Financial and investment products held
  • Claims history
  • Your login details to sign into the Company’s websites/applications
  • Responses to the Company’s surveys
  • Information of activities you participated

The Purpose of Collecting, Using or Disclosing Personal Information

The company processes, collects, uses or discloses your information for many purposes, depending on the nature of your relationship with the company, as follows:
  • To consider and approve and/or implement the request regarding the company’s products and services, such as contacting the company to enquire about information to buy an insurance.
  • To enter the contract, fulfill the contract requirements and check the contract performance between you and the company, make appointment for related to the products and other related services, payment procedures, receiving or sending data and contact documents between you and the company and to maintain compliance with the internal processes of the company
  • To confirm identity (verify identity) before providing services to you
  • To perform various operations about insurance
  • In order to maintain and sustain relations with the company’s customers, such as the liaison in inquiries of various information, complaint handling, offering benefits and issuing various warnings without marketing objectives
  • To inform news about services, various beneficial promotional programs, marketing activities, formal invitation to participate in events and activities and present various services of the company.
  • For event registration, campaigns, offers, promotional programs, registration to receive gifts or in receiving various other benefits
  • To survey and rate your satisfaction with the services of the company and business partners of the company and to analyze your interests and information regarding your purchase of services of the company and business partners of the company, including services in order to assess, improve and develop products services and various sales promotions of the company and the business partners of the company, in order to better suit and meet the customer needs
  • To carry out planning, reporting and business forecasts
  • For risk management supervision and inspection and internal management, for example, to check and prevent for fraud
  • For investigation according to other legal and regulatory processes in order to comply with the law and to report or disclose information to government agencies according to the law, such as the Revenue Department, Department of Transportation or in the event in receiving a subpoena to freeze from police officers, government agencies, court or other law enforcement agencies, including for the establishment of legal claims, the compliance or usage of legal claims or the lifting up of legal claims
  • For indoor security and outdoor security of the company, including the exchanging of ID cards before entering the said area, taking photos of customers who contacted the company at the building and the outdoor location via CCTV (CCTV)
  • For the assignment of rights, duties and any benefits under the contract between you and the company, such as the merger or transfer of contracts which has been legally completed.

How is your Personal data collected?

The company may collect your personal information from various sources, including:

Receive personal information directly from you, such as:

  • When you contact us to inquire about product information or services
  • Product purchase procedures, using the services or process the request before entering into a contract, signing the contract, filling out the forms, filling out various registration forms or procedures for submitting claims or requesting rights
  • Contacting the company through various methods such as telephone, email, Line, Facebook Messenger etc.
  • Information regarding participation in various activities of the company, such as recording still images or videos
  • The company may collect data automatically, such as when you use the company’s website or application etc.

Receive your personal information from other sources, such as:

  • Customers of the company, agents or service providers of the company
  • Affiliates in the group of companies or business partners of the company

Government agencies or other public sources, such as the company’s website information, online search engines or on various social media platforms, such as Facebook etc.

Disclosure of personal data

When The Company collects personal data from any sources, the Company may disclose personal data to agencies or third parties with the consent of the data subjects only to the extent that it is necessary to do so, unless such disclosure is permitted by law. Personal data may be disclosed to agents, third parties, organizations or others as follows:
  • Affiliates or group companies
  • Contractual parties, service providers and business partners of the Company such as companies in the insurance business
  • Agencies or companies responsible for credit information
  • Banks
  • Government agencies with legal authority such as the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC), the Anti-Money Laundering Office, the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, the Office of the Narcotics Control Board, the Social Security Office, the Revenue Department, the Legal Execution Department and courts
  • Other persons, agencies or organizations who are or may be involved in the business operations of the Company, such as financial auditors, risk surveyors and outsourcing companies
  • Other persons, agencies or organizations who are or may be involved in auditing, claims management and other services provided by the Company

Transfer of personal data outside of Thailand

When the Company transfers personal data to countries outside of Thailand, the Company will take steps to ensure that the destination countries or international organizations receiving personal data must have a sufficient standard of personal data protection, except that permitted by data subject or law/contract or for the benefit of public interests.

Retention of personal data

The Company may retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected. In case of our business relationship ending or terminating, we will keep your personal data as required or permitted by applicable Thai laws such as Accounting Act and Anti-Money Laundering Act and Tax Law. We will cease to retain your personal data, or remove the means by which the data can be associated with you, as soon as it is reasonable to assume that such retention no longer serves the purpose for which the personal data was collected, and is no longer necessary for legal purposes.

Rights of Data subjects

You have the rights under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) to take any of the following actions:

  • Right to be informed in case of the modification of the Privacy Notice

The Company may consider and modify as appropriate this Privacy Notice to ensure that your Personal Data is well protected.

  • Right to Withdraw ConsentYou have the right to withdraw the consent given to the company from collecting, using or disclosing your information at any time, unless the revocation request is limited by law or undermines a contract beneficial to you

However, withdrawing consent will not affect the processing of personal data that you have given consent to previously

  • Right to Access Personal InformationYou have the right to request access and request a copy of your personal data under the jurisdiction of the company, including asking the company to disclose the acquisition of such personal information without your consent.
  • The Right to Provide or Transfer Personal InformationIn the event the company has implemented the personal information in a form that can be read or generally used through work tools or devices automatically and can use or disclose personal information through automated methods, you have the right to request your personal information from the company, including the right to request the company to send or transfer your personal data in the aforementioned form to another controller of personal information as required by law
  • The Right to Object to the Collection, Use or Disclosure of the Personal InformationYou have the right to object to the processing of your personal information for collection, use or disclosure as required by the law.
  • Right to Delete Personal DataYou have the right to request the company to delete, destroy or impersonally identifiable for any reason as required by law
  • Right to Suspend the Use of Personal InformationYou have the right to request the company to suspend the use of your information for reasons required by law
  • Right to request for personal information correctionYou have the right to request the company to correct your personal information, so that such personal information is accurate, updated, complete and not misleading
  • Right to Issue ComplaintYou have the right to issue complaint to the relevant authority under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 when the company violates or fails to comply with the said Act
  • Security Measures for Personal InformationThe company has established security measures that are deemed appropriate and strict in maintaining the security integrity of your personal information. In order to prevent the loss, access, use, alteration or disclosure of personal information without misconceptions or wrongdoing
    In the event that the company assigns other parties to process the personal data according to orders on behalf of the company, the company will oversee that person processes appropriately to ensure that person will maintain the security of your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019)
  • Contact DetailsIn case of any doubt or need to ask for more details in regard to the protection of your personal information while collecting, using or disclosing your information, want to exercise your rights or have any complaints, you can contact the company through the following channels:

Trafalgar International Co., Ltd.

Contact Location: 428 Ari Hill Building, Floor 17/B, Phahonyothin Road
Samsen Nai Subdistrict, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok 10400
Telephone No: (+66) 02-161-4953

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  • To ensure that you can sign in your account on the Company’s website continuously.
  • To understand your website usage behavior for improvement to being able to use the website easier, faster and more efficient.

Privacy Policy of Third-Party Websites

This privacy policy address only privacy practices of the Company and use of The Company’s website only. If you click any site links in the Company’s website to access any third-party websites, the inclusion of a link on this Site does not imply that we or our affiliates endorse the practices of the linked website. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of any third parties. You must read and agree or disagree privacy policy of each third party when you visit their websites separately from ours.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We will regularly revise the privacy policy to be in accordance with legal instructions, laws and regulations. We will post any updates of the privacy policy on our website from time to time.

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Trafalgar International Co., Ltd.

Contact Location: 428 Ari Hill Building, Floor 17/B, Phahonyothin Road
Samsen Nai Subdistrict, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok 10400
Telephone No: (+66) 02-161-4953

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