About ourselves

For 25 years Trafalgar International has helped clients manage risk and on their behalf has placed insurance programmes for property, business interruption, liability, construction, engineering and employee benefits.

Although we are Thailand based, as a partner firm in Assurex Global, the world’s largest independent broking group, we are able to provide our clients with the same high standard of insurance service across the globe, through our network of 600 offices in almost 100 countries, while handing premium volume of around 29 billion dollars.

This brief video outlines a little more about about ourselves.

As insurance brokers, our responsibility is to you, our client. Essentially we act as your insurance department, identifying and transferring risk by the mechanism of insurance to insurance companies, or carriers, both locally and internationally.

The carriers we use are vetted for what the market terms “security”, in other words their financial strength and capability to meet the cost of and pay claims.  To Trafalgar, this also means identifying carriers with more than just a financial capability – we also look for Insurers who have a willingness to pay valid claims promptly. For it is at the time of any claim that the strength, or weakness, of any insurance programme will become apparent.

Trafalgar International is able to help you with all classes of insurance. Our clients include multi-national and local corporations spanning industries as varied as ice cream manufacturers and pulp and paper mills, from heavy industry through to garment and lingerie manufacturers and retailers, from offices, schools and hotels to oil and gas, construction and engineering.

Our aim is to design, tailor and provide competitive and effective insurance programmes rather than the many off-the-shelf policies that so many carriers and brokers provide. For new clients we are able to demonstrate savings and policy improvements almost immediately.

Do get in touch with us.  Trafalgar International will perform a thorough review of your insurance programme free of charge, identifying where it can be improved and perhaps areas of risk which are not insured and determine where premium savings are achievable.