Company Health Insurance – What you need to know

Many expatriates are fortunate to have company funded medical insurance as part of their remuneration package.  However, as international health insurance plans have become gradually more and more expensive an increasing number of expatriates have found themselves on local employee benefits plans instead.  Happily for most people this will be fine, but serious accidents and […]

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The Cyber Security Threat to SME’s

Recently we reported on the real cost of a cyber security breach and outlined that an average date breach results in around 29,000 compromised individual client records. Apart from the actual cost of remedying the cause/s of the cyber security breakdown, the average cost to a company for lost business alone was about $3,300,000 (Baht […]

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The real cost of a cyber security breach

In an earlier post, we advised that the average loss for a large company resulting from a cyber security breach cost around $5.9 million, or roughly Baht 185 million.

On average, a Poneman Institute study found that, in the US, a data breach resulted in around 29,000 compromised data records with an approximate cost of about Baht 6,400 […]

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Trafalgar International

About ourselves
For 25 years Trafalgar International has helped clients manage risk and on their behalf has placed insurance programmes for property, business interruption, liability, construction, engineering and employee benefits.

Although we are Thailand based, as a partner firm in Assurex Global, the world’s largest independent broking group, we are able to provide our clients with the same […]

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Directors and Officers Liability

In the past, company directors have often felt that they could rely on the company they manage being considered to have a separate legal existence and a limited liability. However, the liability attaching to directors and officers has increased over recent years. And recent legislation and court decisions show an increasing exposure to personal actions […]

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