Employee Benefits

Company Health Insurance – What you need to know

Many expatriates are fortunate to have company funded medical insurance as part of their remuneration package.  However, as international health insurance plans have become gradually more and more expensive an increasing number of expatriates have found themselves on local employee benefits plans instead.  Happily for most people this will be fine, but serious accidents and […]

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Employee Benefits – A Professional Approach

An effective employee benefits programme can be key in attracting and keeping good employees. It is in the interests of both employer and employee to have a good medical scheme in place: it provides the employees with the appropriate treatment that they may need, so that they have the best chance of recovering from illness […]

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A Guide to Securing Affordable International Health Insurance

Protecting the Things that Matter Most

When accidents happen or sudden illness strikes and you are overseas you can be sure that the resulting medical bills will be large, so securing good Health insurance should be a real priority for any expatriate.

Luckily there is a very wide choice of health insurance plans available in Thailand, with […]

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